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Best RAM For i9-13900KS – (Budget & Expert Picks)

The i9-13900K processor is undoubtedly one of the best-performance and most powerful processors. With time and the latest technological innovations, the time comes when you go for the latest model processor with efficient performance. Because of the Intel core i9-13900K processor release, Intel achieves the boost performance without manual overclocking. For such type of processor, there is a need to invest in quality RAM. So, we will help you find the best RAM for i9-13900KS processor. Keep reading!

There are many RAM options when you want to choose for your processor, but the compatible ones give you exceptional performance. So, we have the five best RAM options for your core i9 13900KS processor. You can choose any of the RAM as the best RAM for i9-13900KS. The following are:

Let’s get started;


  • RGB lighting effects
  • Efficient performance
  • Good timing latency
  • ​Little bit costly

If you want to build a white theme color PC and are searching for the best white RAM for i9-13900KS, we have come up with the Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5. This RAM has stunning aesthetics and gives you a robust performance. The robust performance relates to the memory clocking speed as this RAM reaches 6000 MHz even without manual overclocking. For your core i9-13900KS processor, this memory clocking speed is more than enough. This i9-13900KS processor RAM supports the 36-clock timing latency that is not too bad with the 6000 Mhz memory clocking speed. You may see a slight difference in performance, but not a huge difference.

If we talk about the power consumption capacity, this RAM consumes 1.35V power after enabling the XMP profile, which ultimately enhances the overall performance and power consumption. You notice that the power consumption increases by 23% and the performance increases up to 25%. This RAM supports an aluminum heat spreader for better dissipating the heat efficiently for better memory results. This RAM will not disappoint you in terms of aesthetics as this RAM comes with beautiful white aesthetics with RGB lighting. The best thing is that you can easily change the RGB lighting effects through iCUE software.


2. CORSAIR Vengeance RGB RT 32GB

  • Lower timing latency
  • Good RGB combination
  • Lifetime warranty (limited)
  • ​Don’t provide a price-performance

If you don’t want DDR5 RAM for your i9-13900KS processor and want to buy DDR4 RAM, don’t look other than that CORSAIR Vengeance RGB RT. We consider this RAM as the best RAM for i9-13900KS if you want to go for the DDR4 option. The main reason is that this RAM supports the 3600 MHz frequency, the exceptional memory clocking speed rated for the DDR4 RAM. Also, this RAM features the lowest memory overclocking speed of 16 clocks, which is the best for your heavy-core i9-13900KS processor.

Generally, this DDR4 RAM has a better power consumption than the previously mentioned DDR4 RAM. With the 3600 Mhz memory frequency, this RAM has 1.35 power consumption. In this scenario, you can easily overclock your RAM to some extent because the voltage capacity rises to 1.40V. This RAM has a heat spreader on the front that maintains the overall temperature by dissipating the heat, and it also looks beautiful on the front. With the ten-zone RGB lightbar, this RAM looks gorgeous, and you can change the RGB lighting effects through the iCUE software.


3. CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 64 GB

CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 64 GB
  • It comes with ample memory
  • Top-notch performance
  • Voltage regulation
  • ​Too expensive

If you want RAM with ample storage memory capacity, look no further than the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum. It is undoubtedly an expensive option, but if you want RAM with a better memory capacity, then there’s no issue with spending more. Let’s move on to which features you will get in this RAM for your core i9-13900KS processor. This RAM’s cutting-edge performance will allow your system to push the performance, and you will not experience such performance in any other DDR5 RAM. As the core i9-13900KS process comes with heavy cores, your RAM helps the processor perform multi-tasking quickly and efficiently.

With this RAM’s onboard voltage regulation, you can get optimized results like better overclocking, finely tuned, and stabilized performance through the iCUE software. Also, you will get efficient cooling support through an efficient heat spreader, even under heavy workloads. After enabling the XMP 3.0 profile, you will get the best performance overclocking and optimized memory speed efficiency. The Corsair iCUE software allows you to customize your desired RGB lighting effects easily.


4. Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 RAM

Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 RAM
  • Plug & play
  • Infrared sync technology
  • Fully qualified
  • ​No specific con

The list of best RAM for i9-13900KS doesn’t end, as our fourth pick is the Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 RAM. With this, you can get better overclocking potential because of the RAM’s efficient performance and capability. This RAM offers a 32 GB memory size rated at the 6000 MHz overclocking speed. With such exceptional memory overclocking support and size, you will not be disappointed with the performance. You will get some of the main features in this RAM that you may not get in the others.

Let’s discuss these features. One main thing about this RAM is that it is aesthetically pleasing with an RGB touch and heat speaker. The heat spreader on the front better dissipates the heat efficiently, and RGB lighting adds attractiveness to the overall RAM look. Also, it comes with infrared sync technology and an AMD expo profile to manage the overclocking speed and other RAM settings by enabling the profile. All in all, this RAM is personally certified by the world’s most famous motherboard manufacturers.


5. G.Skill Flare X5 Series

G.Skill Flare X5 Series
  • Better overclocking
  • Good quality & performance
  • AMD expo profile
  • ​No specific disadvantage

The last best i9-13900KS processor RAM is the G.Skill Flare X5 Series. If you have a low budget and get all the essential features best compatible with the i9-13900KS processor, look no further than the G.skill flare X5 series. This RAM comes with a cost-effective option from all our picks with all the features without any quality & compatibility issues. You will get the two 16 GB memory modules with 32 GB memory rated at the 6000 MHz memory overclocking speed in this RAM. This RAM CAS latency timing is not too low as it has 36 CAS latency with a power consumption of 1.35V capacity. You may get better latency figures after enabling the AMD expo profile.

When you enable the AMD Expo profile, you will get better overclocking performance with the Expo BIOS settings. While using or fixing this RAM to the processor, don’t mix the memory kits; if you mix up the memory kits, it will create stability issues. This RAM is available in matte black color (anodized) with the feature that this RAM is easily suitable with any theme because of the simple design, color, and no RGB lights. Overall, this RAM won’t disappoint you for your i9-13900KS processor.


Which One Should Buy: DDR4 or DDR5?

The DDR5 RAM is superior in performance and features compared to the DDR4. DDR5 offers superior performance by consuming less power consumption figures. DDR4 RAM can be easily compatible with the older system, but DDR5 requires a compatible motherboard. DDR4 RAM is an affordable option, but now the DDR5 RAM prices are declining. Otherwise, the DDR5 is expensive.

DDR4 provides a better value for the older systems, and DDR5 delivers a better value for the latest processors. If your budget is tight and you want to spend on the older processor, we recommend the DDR4 option. On the other hand, if you want RAM for high-performance builds and the latest systems, then DDR5 is the best option.

How to Choose the Best RAM for i9-13900KS Processor?

After extensive research and gathering knowledge, we try our best to recommend quality products. All the RAMs mentioned above will be good for your i9-13900KS processor because we tested each RAM after completing the research. But you must know what to consider before buying the RAM and how to use a guide. So, before purchasing the best RAM for i9-13900KS, consider these factors:


The core i9-13900KS processor is expensive because of the high-end features and latest processor type. So, in this way, investing in poor-quality RAM is not a good decision. At least you go for the RAM that provides a better value for the money and does not come with poor quality. If you want more performance, spend more money, but it doesn’t mean an overpriced option.


In the above, we stated that if your RAM is incompatible, your processor delivers inefficient performance. Don’t neglect this factor if you want the best RAM for i9-13900KS. So, before buying, you need to check performance and physical compatibility to improve usage experience. All selected RAMs provide better compatibility in terms of performance and features.

Performance Features:

The performance factor should not be ignored when going for the best RAM for core i9-13900K. For the RAM performance, you need to check the RAM timing latency & transfer rate. The faster the transfer rate, the better the RAM performance will be. The lower the timing latency, the better your RAM overclocking performance will be. Prefer such RAM, which has a lower CAS latency and faster transfer rate.

Power Consumption & Memory Speed:

DDR5 RAM comes with a power consumption of only 1.1V, and DDR4 consumes a power efficiency of up to 1.2V. When you want to overclock your RAM, then it is all done based on the RAM’s power consumption capacity. So, before purchasing the RAM, you need to consider the RAM’s power consumption capacity and memory clocking speed.

Build Quality:

Last but not least, if you want your RAM to resist wear and tear for extended periods, don’t compromise on the build quality. If RAM is without the proper casing and heat spreader, then there are higher chances that your RAM faces dust and humidity issues. If it happens, it will affect your RAM’s lifespan. So choose the RAM wisely!

What to Consider When Buying the Best Motherboard for i5-12600K?

Going for the processor also takes time, but choosing the right motherboard is a work of art. So, when selecting the best motherboard for i5-12600K processor, you need to consider the following things:


Without budget estimation, you cannot go for the motherboard because you may confuse yourself with what motherboard best suits your budget needs. So, ensure that you choose the motherboard with all the quality features in a budget-friendly option.

VRM Capacity:

Without an efficient VRM capacity, you cannot choose the power-efficient motherboard. VRM represents the voltage regulator module that controls the overall voltage fluctuations so that any component is not damaged due to voltage fluctuation issues. The better the VRM capacity, the better the power efficiency will be. So, go for the motherboard with a robust VRM design.


If you want to add any slot or connectivity port in the future, you need to invest in a motherboard that provides the upgradability feature. A motherboard with better upgradability benefits you a lot in the future. So, go for the motherboard that has better upgradability support.


Lastly, if you want that your motherboard provides better aesthetics with pleasing attraction, then you must consider this factor. Different motherboards have RGB LED strips or complete RGB light backup. Choose the one that best provides better RGB fusion and a unique look.

End Note!

We leave a decision to you on selecting the best RAM for i9-13900KS after reviewing the top 5 RAMs. We have guided you in detail about each RAM’s features, pros, and cons separately. Also, we shared a buying guide with you so that you will not be confused when you want to purchase the core i9-13900KS processor’s RAM. We end our discussion here by wishing that you will get the best performance RAM. Have a good purchase! If you want best motherboards for i9-13900K series then read our guides on best motherboard for i9-13900K & best motherboard for i9-13900KF.


Both 700 and 600 series chipsets are best compatible with the core i9-13900KS processor. 

The maximum memory clocking speed the RAM supports for i9-13900KS is up to 5200 Mhz.

Yes, the core i9-13900KS delivers 200 MHz more memory clock speed, 24W higher rating, and costs more than 100 bucks compared to the simple core i9-13900K RAM.

You can use the DDR4 RAM with the i9-13900KS processor without any performance issues.

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