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Top 5 Best RAMs For i9-13900K – An Expert Review

It takes work to find suitable RAM for laptops and PCs. But when you want to go for i9 13900K, you should consider too many factors and choose the right RAM for the processor. If you are still determining which RAM is best for i9-13900K, then no need to worry because we are here to help you find the best RAM for i9-13900K. As an expert, we picked up the five best RAMs for this CPU processor, and our team checked and analyzed all of the features through the proper testing procedures. We will guide you about each RAM, its specifications, pros, and cons. So keep reading to know which RAM you want for your i9-13900k processor.

Now you have the question how do we choose these RAMs, or how can you choose the right RAM for the processor? We picked these after proper testing criteria and tried our best to provide our clients with helpful buying guides so they can make the right decision. Consider some factors before buying any RAM for a 19-13900K processor. The following are these factors:


Before buying the RAM, the budget is the first factor you must consider. As you know, the i9-13900K components are not cheap, alone processors. On the other hand, other components like GPU, motherboard, cooler, etc., are expensive, so investing in expensive RAM is not a big deal. But for this, it doesn’t mean you should skip this factor because of having a costly RAM scenario. On the contrary, you should choose an option that best meets your budget needs.

Thermal Power Consumption:

It’s another essential factor to consider when going for the RAM for i9-13900K. One of the main benefits of DDR5 is that it has less input voltage than DDR4. It’s easy for manufacturers to increase input voltage through different technical formalities, but ultimately, it creates heating issues. So, before selecting the RAM, you must go for such RAM that does not make input voltage heating issues for better reliability and stability. If your RAM input voltage is too high, it will ultimately create heating issues that are not good for your overall processor performance. To avoid thermal throttle and heating issues, you must check which type of heat spreader the RAM has so that you will not face thermal throttle issues in the future.

Build Quality & RGB Function:

Who wants to go for something other than better aesthetics and quality build PC or memory because it matters a lot when making a decision? So, try for RAM with RGB lighting functionality to fulfill your aesthetic requirement. Moreover, we noticed that DDR5 RAM build quality is too much better as there’s no issue of having low build quality and wear & tear over time due to dust.

Performance & Latency:

It’s also one of the essential factors to consider before buying RAM for i9-13900K. If your RAM transfer rate is higher, it is good for the CPU processor. However, it’s not the sole factor to consider for RAM performance; timing latency also matters a lot for RAM performance. If the latency timing wait is longer, it will affect the RAM performance. On the other hand, if the timing latency is slower, then RAM will perform better. Therefore, it would help if you went for such RAM with a higher frame rate and lower timing latency.


This one is the last important factor to remember when you want to go for RAM because if the RAM is not compatible with the processor, it creates many issues. We have picked the compatible RAMs for i9-13900K, but you must also confirm yourself.

Best RAMs for i9-13900K:

For the i9-13900K processor, we have outlined the five best RAMs for the i9-13900K  so you can make better decisions. All of these RAMs were tested, and it provides better compatibility with the i9-13900K processor. The following are:

  • best RAM for the i9-13900K: Skill RipJaws S5 Series
  • Another Choice: Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series
  • Kingston Fury Beast
  • CORSAIR Vengeance RGB (Black)

1. G.Skill RipJaws S5 Series

G.Skill RipJaws S5 Series
  • Better transfer rate
  • Low latency timing
  • 33mm profile height
  • ​Without RGB lighting feature

G Skill Rip Jaws SS series RAM is considered to be the best RAM for i9-13900K, with the necessary features that you may expect. The primary reason why it’s best is because it has better reliability, stability, and performance. If you want to go for such RAM with no stability and performance issues, it’s one the best so far. Now let’s talk about features. The memory speed of this RAM is 6000 Mhz, which is best for better performance. In addition, this RAM has a 32 GB kit containing two separate modules of 16 GB for better processor capability and performance.

Now let’s talk about latency timing and transfer rates as it has latency timing with CL30 (30-40-40-96) and a transfer rate of 6000 Mhz. You can increase clock speeds, but it’s not good because it requires more latency and higher voltage input. This input has 1.5V to ensure you have these latency and transfer rate figures. Also, it is not good to increase the latency timing because it creates thermal throttling and heating issues hereafter. No doubt 1.35V is higher in terms of higher voltage, but it’s not too high that it deteriorates the overall performance and stability.

With this voltage capacity, you do not face issues related to latent timings and transfer rates because it’s the average voltage to deal with throttling and heating issues. If you want to know about colours, it comes with two main aesthetics, i.e., matte black and matte white, and both colours are good in look. The overall height of this RAM is 33mm; that’s why people called it a low-profile design. One main issue is that this RAM does not develop an RGB lighting case; otherwise, overall, it’s good.

2. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series

G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series
  • Have RGB lighting
  • 6600 Mhz memory speed
  • Aluminum heat spreader
  • ​Not a budget-friendly option

Another RAM we will introduce to you is the G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB. This RAM provides better performance and stability without any issues. This RAM provides better performance and is highly recommended if you want to go for any hardcore RAM. In case of having better performance and stability, this RAM offers all the excellent features related to clock latencies and enough memory output options. The memory speed of this RAM is 6600 Mhz, which is quite enough to deal with memory flickering issues. The timing latency of this RAM is CL 34 at 1.40 voltage capacity.

This timing latency is also lower, and the memory frequency rate is also good, so there’s less chance you may face thermal throttling & heating issues. This RAM’s storage capacity is 32 GB of DDR5 which is enough to deal with storage issues. However, memory sticks generate too much heat, and to combat this issue, this RAM has an aluminum heat spreader that can automatically decrease the risks of higher thermals.

Now talk about aesthetics quality; this RAM is available in two colours, i.e., matte black and metallic silver. Moreover, it has an RGB lighting function to make aesthetics more pleasant and attractive. Without having any overclocking issues with the RGB light function, we highly recommend this one to you!


  • Better RGB lighting aesthetics
  • Proper voltage regulation
  • ​High latency timing

If you want to go for a high aesthetic design and RGB lighting design, there’s an option for you because this RAM has a better aesthetic design. If you want to buy this RAM for your white PC, it looks great on your PC with a cooler. Besides good aesthetic quality, this RAM also works very well in terms of better performance and stability. This RAM has 32 GB storage capacity to deal with i9-13900K processor memory storage capacity. This RAM has a clock speed of 6000 Mhz and a better memory speed for enhanced performance and stability.

However, one disadvantage of this RAM is its higher latency timing of 40-40-40-77. This higher latency timing could be better for overall heating because, as you can see that the memory speed is 6000 Mhz, not 6600 or 6800 Mhz. If you are a hardcore gamer, then it won’t affect you. On the other hand, the memory input voltage of this RAM is 1.35, and the voltage range for this RAM should fall between 1.3 to 1.4 based on the RAM features and specifications; otherwise, there’s no significant issue.

If you face manual overclocking problems, you must resolve this issue through Corsair iCUE software. After discussing all the features, this RAM undoubtedly has the aesthetic design and look with a beautiful shape. The memory stick’s RGB lighting and white finish provide aesthetic build quality and look. With its aesthetic build and quality, better memory speed, and RGB lighting, this RAM is on the go for your i9-13900K processor.

4. Kingston Fury Beast

Kingston Fury Beast
  • Budget-friendly option
  • It is better for low-budget people
  • Efficient memory speed
  • ​No RGB casing

If your budget is low and you want to purchase RAM DDR5 and other essential aspects, we highly recommend this one. This RAM has all the main features and specifications with better memory speed, and the price is economical, so it will not be heavy on your pocket. But one main thing is that it does not come up with RGB lighting, but it only matters a little because the cost is economical and budget-friendly. Now let’s talk about the other features of this RAM. This RAM has a memory speed of 5200 Mhz, and it’s enough in this price range.

One good news is that if your RAM faces an overclocking issue, this memory speed can quickly go up to 6000 Mhz. Now let’s talk about timing latency; this RAM has 40 CSA timing latency, which is okay. Remember, such RAM is good, and latency timing is lower with a higher transfer rate as compared to such that has higher latency timing with a higher transfer rate. The input voltage of this RAM is 1.25V, which is good if we compare this with the RAM’s transfer rate and latency timing figures, and there’s no risk of throttling and thermal heating issues.

You are lucky enough to avail of these features in this price range, so there’s no issue complaining about RAM’s aesthetics like RGB lighting case. The height of this low-profile RAM is 34.9mm, which is also an advantage because it is easy to install on large CPUs. After noticing all the above features of this RAM, it’s the best-pricing RAM with some heavy performance features. So, do not look like it does not have RGB lighting and higher latency; try it if you want to for a cost-effective option.

5. CORSAIR Vengeance RGB (Black)

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB (Black)
  • Better latency
  • Cost-effective option
  • RGB lighting
  • ​We do not find any con

Before finishing the list, the last RAM we discovered was as good as the Corsair Vengeance RGB, available in black. If there’s no issue with spending on DDR4 RAM instead of DDR5, this option is best because it’s DDR4, not DDR5. The performance features of this one are alright. Having better and more stable features to deal with memory storage issues of a processor, so there’s no need to worry about this. It has one 64 GB kit with 2 32 GB mini kits and a transfer rate of 5600 Mhz, which is 1.5 times faster than other DDRs.

As you know, the latency timing impacts a lot on RAM performance, so the latency timing of this RAM is only 16, which is quite good for overall RAM performance and stability. In this case, this RAM no doubt provides better performance as compared to other RAMs because of having the lowest latency timing. Furthermore, the heat spreader on this RAM is made from anodized aluminum. Moreover, the looks of this RAM are so aesthetic that it has a panoramic RGB light bar covered on the stick.

You can use iCUE software to change the lighting effects for this purpose and improve your RAM aesthetics. After analyzing all the features, if you are satisfied with the DDR4 category, it’s the best option because it has all the features you may need for your next RAM.

Final Words!

For a beginner, it is quite challenging to choose a suitable RAM because there are different features that exist for different RAM. In the above guide, we have guided you about the five best RAMs for i9-13900K. All of these RAMs are compatible with the i9-13900K core processor. After proper testing and analysis, we outlined this buying guide so that you can decide on the best suitable RAM for i9-13900K. We have enlightened each RAM with its specifications and features. After reading it, go for the RAM that is best suitable according to your purchasing preferences. Happy purchase!

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