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Best Motherboard For i9-13900KF – ( Detailed & Review )

Intel’s 13-generation processors have gained popularity nowadays because of the increasing demand. Intel doesn’t compromise on quality measures, and its CPUs are up to the mark in providing top-tiering performance. Processors with the latest generations come with the latest features, so investing in Intel’s latest-generation processors is best. You must choose the best compatible motherboard for the latest 13th generation Intel’s core i9-13900KF processor.

If you are searching for the best motherboard for i9-13900KF, we will enlist the five compatible motherboards for the i9-13900KF processor. All these motherboards are properly tested and picked after maintaining all the quality standards. Keep reading!

Usually, both the i913900K and 13900KF are the same in terms of performance and some other features. The main difference between both processors is that the KF processors have dedicated graphics cards. So, you cannot have the opportunity of using the integrated graphics card and ultimately uses the dedicated graphics card for the graphical visuals. With the i9 13900K processor, you can get UHD 770 graphics (integrated), though you can use your system without needing additional GPU.

So, you can go for the additional GPU, but the UHD 770 graphics will not disappoint you in providing the different graphics features. So, it’s optional if you want to go for the additional GPU because an additional GPU will also give you the same benefit you get from the UHD 770 graphics. If you want a 13900K best compatible motherboard, read on the best motherboards for i9-13900K.

Best Motherboards for i9-13900KF:

Core i9-13900KF processors provide quality-level features, but it only performs well when your motherboard is compatible with the processor. So, we will show you the five best motherboard for i9-13900KF along with features, specifications, pros, and cons:

  • Best motherboard for i9-13900KF: GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS Elite AX
  • Another Choice: ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero
  • MSI PRO Z790-A WiFi DDR4
  • ASUS ROG Strix Z690-I
  • GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS Master

Let’s get started;


  • Efficient memory speed
  • Good thermal efficiency
  • Well equipped design
  • ​Without LED’s

With time, Gigabyte has shown its presence in the market as a leading tech company in the tech field. They aim to provide quality products and fulfill client needs without compromising quality. AORUS series motherboards offer exceptional performance with quality-level features. The features include an efficient VRM design, better thermal expansion, and efficient PCIe configuration. So, this motherboard is the best for the i9-13900KF processor by providing better compatibility. Now, let’s discuss this motherboard’s eminent features.

Let’s start by discussing the memory-related specs, as this motherboard has 4 DIMM slots for the DDR5 module with a memory storage capacity of 128 GB. This motherboard supports the memory overclocking speed up to 7600 MHz. For the i913900KF processor, such memory features are the best for better performance. On this motherboard, you can find the logo (AORUS) on the PCH heatsink with the gray text that makes it unique. Moreover, you can find the RGB lightbar strip on the, and this motherboard has a simple design. One of the main features of any motherboard is its VRM design, and the Gigabyte doesn’t compromise on this.

This motherboard supports the 16+1+2; such VRM capacity is good enough for the motherboard and processor performance. With the 19-phase VRM design and 70A input voltage range, this motherboard is the best choice because it can handle even high-end tasks. This motherboard has an I/O shield, heat pipes (6mm), and thermal pads for better thermal efficiency. With such cooling support, your i9-13900KF processor will get better performance from the motherboard and, as a result, works better.


2. ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero

ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero
  • Good VRM capacity
  • Provides overclocking potential
  • Different port connectivity
  • ​Costly

In the second number, the best motherboard for i9-13900KF in our list is the ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero. ASUS’s success is because they provide quality tech components by ensuring client satisfaction levels. ASUS’s ROG Maximus series is best compatible with the latest 13-generation Intel processors because, in these motherboards, you will get the premium host features. All these features are best compatible with the i9-13900KF processor.

So, ASUS is the name of quality, especially the ASUS ROG series, because quality only fulfills when the product is best compatible. Now let’s talk about the features. This motherboard features better heat dissipation, good thermal conductivity, and 7000 MHz clocking speed. ASUS motherboard for i9-13900KF has several heatsinks for an efficient cooling system. It comes with the M2, VRM, chipset heatsinks, and higher thermal conductivity pads so that your motherboard will give your processor a stabilized performance, and, as a result, the processor provides optimal performance.

ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero has three expansion slots: PCIe 5.0 x 16 and the other is Gen 4.0 x 16 slot with x4 speeds. If you want better storage support, this motherboard will not disappoint you, as it has M2 slots (5) with 6G SATA ports (6). With this motherboard, you will not disappoint with the overclocking capabilities because this motherboard has a 20+1 phase VRM design. Such VRM design is enough to meet overclocking needs of your i9-13900KF processor.


3. MSI PRO Z790-A WiFi DDR4

  • Price to performance motherboard
  • Reliable features
  • Each feature works well
  • ​We didn’t find any con

Another compatible motherboard for i9-13900KF is the MSI PRO Z790-A. If the i9-13900KF motherboards, as mentioned above, are expensive for you, and you want to go for the budget-friendly option, then this motherboard will not disappoint you. This motherboard is not cheap but will be great for your i9-13900KF processor as it fulfills all the necessary features. Furthermore, if you want a motherboard with a unique aesthetic style, then this motherboard is also the best compared to the other mentioned motherboards. You will not get a lot of heatsinks in this motherboard, but it includes heatsinks in the VRM, chipset, and M2 slots.

Furthermore, this motherboard features a better capacity VRM with 18 phase VRM design. In this price range, it isn’t easy to get such VRM, so such VRM capacity is enough for a stabilized overclocking potential. After acquiring it for the i9-13900KF processor, you don’t need to worry about heat dissipation because this motherboard’s heatsink and chipset have a larger surface area that helps better heat dissipation. MSI PRO Z790-A fulfills the I/O port connectivity support in a better way by providing 10 USB I/O ports.

Moreover, it includes USB 3.2 Gen port (Type C) that will help you to get the 20G full speed. This motherboard also has different expansion slots and is an edge point for your i913900KF processor. It has one PCIe 3.0 x 1 slot, one PCIe 5.0 x 16 slot, and two x 16 slots (full-sized). Also, you will get the four M2 sockets, but unfortunately, you cannot run these at Gen 5 speeds.


4. ASUS ROG Strix Z690-I

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-I
  • Mini ITX compatible
  • Better connectivity slot
  • Better value for the money
  • ​Poor upgradability

In the list of best motherboard for i9-13900KF, this motherboard is also the best choice. If you have a compact PC or air cooler, this mini ITX option is the best. If you have a portable size PC, then this motherboard is the best to fit because of the small size form factor. Because of the mini ITX form factor, this motherboard doesn’t need many heavy features essential for the motherboard’s performance. It also works great with your i9-13900KF processor. Even though it’s a mini ITX motherboard, we were really amazed after testing it because it has an efficient cooling system.

This motherboard is still the best and most powerful for an i9-13900K processor because it comes with a cooling system (triple-decker), PCIe Gen 5.0 slot, and M2 slots. Also, it’s not too expensive but provides all the essential features needed for the i9=13900KF processor. This motherboard cannot be overclocked when you pair it with the powerful i9-13900KF processor, and it’s the best feature among all other features. The VRM capacity of this motherboard is 10 plus 1 VRM phase with a rated output current of 105A.

You can get the VRM and heatsinks with the cooling solution. This motherboard supports impressive storage capacity with two M2 slots and four SATA ports. A Mini ITX form factor motherboard with such storage capacity is best. With this motherboard, you will not get enough I/O ports, but no issue; it’s still the best to meet the i9-13900KF processor needs. With a triple-decker cooling solution, your motherboard will perform with better thermal capability.



  • Demanding product
  • Various ports and other connectivity
  • 10 GbE LAN
  • ​Expensive

The last suitable motherboard for i9-13900KF is the GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS Master. This motherboard is undoubtedly expensive, but the people who purchase it for the i9-13900KF processor provide positive reviews about compatibility & quality. With the price, this motherboard is the best in delivering quality and aesthetics. You will get a ton of RGB, and the metallic finish makes this motherboard stand out. Another thing is that you will get better overclocking potential from this motherboard, rated at the memory clocking speed of 8000 MHz. With this motherboard, you will get the 20+1+2 phase VRM which is too much for the overclocking capability of the i9-13900KF processor. With a better VRM design and beefy heatsink, this motherboard is optimal for increasing overall thermal efficiency.

Regarding the connectivity options, this motherboard offers 10 GbE ethernet and Wifi 6E support. As mentioned above, this motherboard has a better connectivity option because it comes up with 14 USB slots; it’s more than enough compared to the other motherboards. Connecting this motherboard to the internal USB header can also get nine more USB ports. This motherboard has 5 M2 slots and 4 SATA connectors for storage needs. Also, it includes the 4 DIMM slots comprising 128 GB rated at the 8000 Mhz memory clocking speed. If you have an i5-13600KF processor, you can check our guide on the best motherboard for i5-13600KF.


How to Choose the Best Motherboard for i9-13900KF?

When buying the motherboard, there is a need to consider essential features like overclocking capability, price, and other features. So, before purchasing the best motherboard for i9-13900KF, then you must consider some of the following factors:


Before choosing the motherboard for the i9-13900KF processor, the first factor you need to consider is the budget. If you want premium features that best work with your i9-13900KF processor, you must spend on an expensive motherboard with quality-level features. But if you want a normal motherboard that can fulfill your processor requirements without premium quality features, you can easily get a cost-effective motherboard.


Your motherboard only delivers an efficient power delivery when the chosen motherboard has enough thermal efficiency support. It is only possible when the motherboard has enough heatsinks in its VRM & M2 slots. It stabilizes the motherboard’s overall performance and overcomes heating issues. So, don’t neglect this factor too.

Voltage Regulator Module:

Third, consider the VRM capacity of the different motherboards you want to purchase for the i9-13900KF processor. VRM capacity gives your motherboard a better overclocking potential and enhances the CPU’s lifespan. So, if you want that the motherboard will give your i9-13900KF processor a boost through the better VRM capacity, then ensure that your chosen motherboard has a better VRM.

Overclocking Capability:

Your motherboard will only give you a better overclocking potential when the motherboard has a better VRM capacity. If your motherboard has a better overclocking potential, it will push the CPU performance. Without efficient VRM capacity, you cannot achieve a better overclocking potential, so try to go for a motherboard with an efficient cooling solution without thermal throttling issues.

Storage & Connectivity Support:

The last factor to consider is storage and connectivity support, which helps your processor achieve efficient performance. Before going for the i9-13900KF processor’s motherboard, you check the different motherboard storage slots like M2 slots & SATA ports. In connectivity support, you need to check whether your motherboard has Wireless, ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity support.

Final Words!

We conclude this article after reviewing the buying guide and different motherboards to find the best motherboard for i9-13900KF processor. We showed all such motherboards that will give you better compatibility with the core i9-13900KF processor. All these motherboards are best to work with the i9-13900KF processor, but the ultimate choice is yours after reviewing the features, pros & cons. So, you pick the motherboard of your choice based on purchasing preferences and buying guide, and purchase it!


What do you mean by Intel KF?

KF is stated at the end of the processor model, meaning your CPU is unlocked, and the CPU is without integrated UHD graphics (Intel).

Which series of motherboards best suits the i9-13900KF processor?

Both 600 & 700 series motherboards are best compatible with the core i9-13900KF processor, with many options so you can easily choose.

Is it good to use the Z790 chipset with the 13th-generation processor?

Yes, why not. You can easily use the Z790 chipset motherboards with the 13-generation processors without any compatibility issues.

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