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BEST Motherboards For i9-13900K – Detailed Review

We are discussing here the best motherboards for i9-13900K. As we all know the first letter which comes to our mind is what is a motherboard. A motherboard is a printed circuit board (PCB) that creates a kind of backbone allowing a variety of components to communicate and it provides different connectors for components such as the central processing unit (CPU), graphics process unit (GPU), memory, and storage.

So after knowing the motherboard’s purpose and its advantages, now here we will discuss the best motherboards for the i9-13900K which is an Intel-based processor. It has the latest features and it is great for PC games and other uses. Here we will discuss them in detail. Its advantages and disadvantages pros and cons etc. So you don’t need to worry we will find the right solution for you.

Some of the basic requirements for i9-13900K are it should use, DDRS RAM is highly compatible and it can be useful for the next generation of computers. The socket it requires is the LGA 1700 which is highly compatible. Other things are support CPU overclocking, integrated graphics support,PCIe slots, and better connectivity.

Best Motherboards for i9-13900K:

Now we come to our main topic which is the best motherboard For i9-13900K. Now we have chosen some of the best motherboards which are very compatible and highly recommended to use for gaming purposes and other things. So you are provided with a list of the best motherboards for i9-13900K you can use for high-end gamings.

  1. Best Motherboards for i9-13900K: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 EXTREME
  2. Another choice: GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS MASTER
  4. MSI MEG Z690i Unify Gaming Motherboard
  5. ASUS ROG Strix Z690 -I Gaming Wifi 6E



  • Loads of connectivity options
  • Great power stages
  • PCIe Gen 5
  • ​Very expensive

The ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 EXTREME boast a complete 24+1 power stage arrangement that can handle up to 105A,complete with dual proCool 2 power connectors,top quality alloy chokes,and premium metallic capacitors ,all engineered to overclocking new heights. Maximus offers full PCIe Gen 5 support for both PCIe X16 slots and a single M.2 SSD slot. Maximus supports DDR5 memory with speed up to  7600MHZ Which is a remarkable speed.

Moreover Maximus is packed with an abundance of connectivity options ,including Thunderbolt 4 USB Type C and front panel connectors with 4+charge up to 60W, these things make the Z790 a powerhouse.


  • Solid overclocking potential
  • DDR5/ PCIe Gen5 compatible
  • Excellent connectivity options
  • ​Pricey

The Gigabyte master needs no introduction; it is beyond class apart, featuring a plethora of impressive features,its colossal  20+1+2 power stage configuration featuring three clustered stages instead of two makes it a very strong unit.

One of the most exceptional features of the Master is its thermal armor, with a thermal pad covering the power stages and VRMs rated for 12 W/mk. Its VRM cooling is genuinely impressive. Expect to find an abundance of options in connectivity, including USB 3.2 , USB Type C, Display port, Audio,Q -Flash, clear CMOS,10 GB/s ethernet, providing all the connectivity you could ever require.


  • It has Thunderbolt 4 support.
  • 105 A Power stage + Mosfet heatsinks.
  • It has a 12-layer PCB.
  • ​It has 6 type-A ports on the rearlO
  • Weak 10+1+1 VRM for i9-13900K
  • Now we are moving towards the fourth one

MSI MEG Z690i Gaming Motherboard has some very great capabilities.  It can support the 12th,13th and 14 generations of intel core . It supports DDR5 memory and dual thunderbolt 4 ports. It has a very good R&D design and a very exclusive 2 DIMM solution .

It has a very outstanding cooling solution,frozer heat sink ,Aluminum cover , 2.5G LAN with the latest wifi  6E; it can deliver the best online gaming experience and it has 12 layer service grade and it provides long lasting system capability. It has audio boost 5 which is a very strong aspect of this motherboard. These are some of the very high qualities which it possesses and are very  useful and affordable for clients.

4. MSI MEG Z690i Unify Gaming Motherboard

MSI MEG Z690i Unify Gaming Motherboard
  • It has 2xUSB THUNDERBolt 4 ports.
  • It has 10 Layer PCB design.
  • It included an expansion card.
  • ​ONS
  • Very expensive.
  • It has limited RGB.

It has a very good optimal power solution ,10+1 power stages with a procool 2 power connector.  It has a very good optimal thermal design with two onboard M.2 heatsinks and backplates.

High performing gaming capabilities and best networking performance.which you can say is a very good advantage to it.  The intelligent control and the other advancements which it possesses makes it a very good choice for selection.

Moreover its unmatched personalization and DIY friendly design makes it a strong contender for customers to select it. Other features which it possesses are its renowned software and industry leading gaming audio.

 Also, an aluminium I/O shield provides enough surface area to handle the thermals of Intel Core i9-13900K; all of this gets backed up by specially engineered thermal pads that efficiently transfer heat to the heatsink.

5. ASUS ROG Strix Z690 -I Gaming Wifi 6E

ASUS ROG Strix Z690 -I Gaming Wifi 6E
  • It has 16 Phase VRM with 90A SPS.
  • Value for money.
  • Great cooling capability.
  • ​Only 6 layered PCB.
  • It has no PCIe 5.0 M.2 slot
  • No USB 4 Thunderbolt port

The MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk Wifi DDR4 gaming delivers very well because of its completely digital VRM design which is designed with 16 phases.  There is a 6 layer  PCB which provides higher transfer rate and reliable circuit transmission. The power hungry MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk needs a higher cooler atmosphere to operate trouble free.  It is also built to work with most AIO and custom water cooling kits.

Moreover MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk  supports a PCI-E 5.0×16 which can reach a bandwidth up to 128GBs.  That provides you additional benefit as well which is very rare in other motherboards.

MSI did a fantastic job which is one of the best features  by including the 16 phases of the mirror power arrangement with 90A SPS. Its 90A smart power stages will also come as handy in this regard. So these are some of the best  motherboards for i9-13900K. You can choose any one of them.

 These motherboards prove to provide the best compatibility, reliability, and price-to-performance ratio. So, you must definitely try any one of them.Your gaming experience will definitely enhance it is the best you can get . You should purchase any one of them and have a unique enjoyable experience with your family,friends and relatives.


We have mentioned all our top best Motherboards for i9-13900K.After extensive search and hard work we recommend you to use any of the above mentioned motherboards. It gives you a very unique and great experience so you must definitely enjoy it . We have chosen these after going after manufactures where they are made and at the end after complete evaluation and checking every pros and cons of these motherboards we realise we have chosen the right ones for you. 

The gaming experience for the customers will definitely improve and they will enjoy it with their families and friends.  So select any one of them and you will definitely have some great experience. Our main purpose is that the best product will be selected by our customers so they feel happy and they shouldn’t be worried at all. The gaming experience will enhance your mental skills as well so try it at least  once.

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