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How to Reset PS5 Controller – An Experts Guide

Like any other hardware component, the DualSense controller also creates some issues, but luckily, you can easily troubleshoot this issue through the reset option. Do you want to reset your PS5 controller and don’t know how to reset PS5 controller? This article will cover how to easily reset your PS5 controller through soft and hard reset. We will show you how to reset the PS5 controller, so keep reading!

Before going to hard reset, we recommend you go for the soft reset earlier. The reason is that your issue is resolved with the soft reset, and there’s no need to go for the hard reset. If you face pairing issues or input lag pressing button issues in your wireless connection, go for the soft reset. In the soft reset, you press the DualSense button on and off again to reconnect it to the PS5 console. You need to do:

  • At the controller center, you can find the PlayStation button. You need to press it to return the control center on the PlayStation5 dashboard.

  • Go to the accessories and select the controller you want to turn off. When choosing the turn-off option, you notice that the computer’s lights automatically go off.

Soft reset

When you need to reconnect wirelessly, then it is a must that your controller is fully charged. After turning the controller on again, you can go for the hard reset if the issue persists. Below, I will guide you on how you can perform the hard reset. If you want to connect the PS5 controller to PS4, then read our guide on how to connect a PS5 controller to PS4.

How to Reset PS5 Controller Through Hard Reset?

If the soft reset didn’t work and the issue still occurs, you need to do a factory reset. You will get the controller in the same settings with factory or hard reset when you unboxed it at the time of purchase. If you do the hard reset, you can see that all the settings on your controller will automatically default. You can hard reset your PS5 controller in the following ways:

  • Make sure that your PS5 controller is unplugged and turn off. Also, your PS5 console is turned off.
  • You can see a small hole behind the Sony logo on the back of the PS5 controller.
  • Now, you need to press this button. To press the button inside the small, you need a thin or small object like a needle or pen tip. When you push it, you will hear a click voice.
  • Hold this pin inside the small hole for hardly five seconds, and the lights on the PS5 controller flash and turn off.

The reset hole in a DualSense controller for PS5

  • Last, when resyncing the controller, you need to use the USB type C cable to connect the controller to the PlayStation5. When you want to start resyncing, press the PlayStation button.

The PS button on the PlayStation 5 controller

When do you Need to Perform a Soft Reset?

A soft reset only applies when your DualSense control faces minor issues. Following are some of the issues for which you need a soft reset:

  • There is an issue with the controller’s buttons that sometimes do not respond. Also, some specific buttons didn’t work when pressing them.
  • When you press the button, the button will not respond to the action you want.
  • If the controller requires sync and the controllers keep disconnecting after some time.
  • There’s an issue with the motion controls of DualSense.
  • When plugging the headphones, you may experience bad-quality audio problems.
  • You may face charging issues like a controller or won’t charge or your battery declines quickly.

When do you Need to Perform a Hard Reset?

If your DualSense control goes through some of the following issues, you need to perform a hard reset:

  • The controller is unable to connect with the PS5 console, mobile device (compatible), and computer.
  • The controller buttons don’t work properly, making it difficult to do a soft reset.
  • If you face the register movement of analog sticks of DualSense when you are not pushing when fixing a PlayStation5 controller drift.
  • So, you must go for a hard reset if you face any of the issues mentioned above.

Final Words!

After all the discussion on resetting the PS5 controller, if you get the idea of how to reset PS5 controller, then you can easily do it. So, after completing the reset process, you will notice that your PS5 controller will work fine without any issues. You need to follow the steps mentioned above; your PS5 controller will not create any problems.


Suppose you want your DualSense controller not to create pairing issues and can easily connect to any other device without creating Bluetooth Wireless connectivity issues. In that case, you need to reset your PS5 controller.

If you want a hard reset on the DualSense controller, the controller will automatically change to the default settings.

Yes, you can hard reset or factory reset a PS5 controller by putting a thin object in the small hole on the DualSense control and pushing it for at least 5 seconds.

Yes, it’s possible to easily fix the drift by resetting the PS5, but if it’s a temporary drift. Also, it’s not a confirmed solution, but you can minimize the drift issue.

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