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How to Connect a Ps5 Controller to a Ps4 – ( Detailed Guide )

If you hold both ps4 and ps5 controllers, you may want to know how to connect a ps5 controller to a ps4. The ps5 is the latest controller and gives you the latest features rather than the ps4. It’s possible to connect ps5 controller to ps4 to enjoy immersive gaming. So, with the latest features controller, PlayStation5 is the best option for gaming needs, but when connecting ps5 to ps4, you may also face some limitations. In this article, we will guide you on how you can connect both controllers and which challenges you may encounter while connecting both PlayStations (ps4 & ps5). Keep reading!

Yes, you can use the PlayStation5 controller to the PlayStation4 controller. If you want to use the DualSense controller on the ps4, then it’s not a good decision. The reason is that it creates complication issues as it doesn’t provide effective compatibility with the console. Also you can connect the ps4 controller to ps5 easily. If you want know how to do it then read our guide on how to connect the ps4 controller to ps5. The remaining article will discuss connecting a ps5 controller to a ps4, so don’t skip out on reading!

Is Bluetooth Adapter Required for Connecting a Ps5 Controller to a Ps4?

Without a Bluetooth adapter, you cannot make smooth connectivity support between PlayStation 5 & 4 controllers. You will get the Bluetooth adapter as a USB device to plug into the ps4. After that, you need to pair the adapter with the ps5 via Bluetooth, and in this scenario, ps4 controller verifies the adapter as a general Bluetooth controller.

You can use different adapters for this purpose but make sure that the adapter you want to use is best compatible with the ps4. If your chosen adapter is incompatible with the ps5, it’s not an issue, but it must be compatible with the ps4. Also, when joining the ps5 controller to ps 4, ensure it has a DualSense controller.

How to Connect a Ps5 Controller to a Ps4?

The adapter is the first thing you need to connect a ps5 controller to a ps4. If you get it, you will need a PlayStation4 and DualSense controller. Now, we will guide you on how to connect a ps5 controller to a ps4 by following some of these steps:

  1. The first step is plugging the adapter into the ps4 controller through the USB port (open).
  2. When plugged in, the second step is to push the pairing button on the adapter. During the pairing mode, you will see that the LED lights are blinking. In this, it is a must that DualSense mode will also be operational.
  3. After that, you need to hold the PlayStation and Create buttons of the DualSense controller for a few seconds for the pairing mode. While pairing mode, your controller light flashes in the blue color.
  4. During the pairing mode for connecting the controller to the adapter, note that your ps5 is off or the DualSense controller is disconnected.
  5. During the pairing mode, you will see that the controller and adapter automatically connect after some time.
  6. So, when paired, you can easily connect a PlayStation5 controller to a PlayStation4.

Which Issues Can I Face While Using the Ps5 Controller on Ps4?

The major limitation is that the DualSense controller will not be usable on the ps4. When you want to use the DualSense on the ps4, the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback create working issues. Moreover, when you want to turn on your console from off, you have to hold the PlayStation button, so your mileage functionality varies.

These are the two main limitations of using a ps5 controller on ps4. Otherwise, worrying about the controller features and assuming it as a disadvantage is unnecessary.

Steps to Use Ps5 Controller on Ps4

After knowing how to connect a ps5 controller to a ps4, the next thing you must understand is how to use a Ps5 controller on a Ps4. For this, you need the PS Remote Play. It makes your work easy by streamlining the PS games from your console to PC, laptop, tablet, and ps4 & ps5 consoles. So, using ps5 controller on ps4 via PS remote play, you need to follow these steps:

1. Download the App:

The first step is to install the PS Remote Play app. You can download and install the PS remote play through Sony’s official link. PS remote play app is free for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Download PS Remote Play on Google Play and App Store

2. Go for the Rest Mode:

After installing the PS Remote Play app, the next step is that you can put your ps4 controller into Rest Mode. You can hold and press the PlayStation button on the controller for this. Then you can reset the ps4 controller to the rest mode by choosing the rest mode from the pop-up menu, and then the rest mode appears on your PS controller.

3. Remote Play Settings:

The next step is to make Remote Play Settings on the ps4 controller. Ensure your ps4 controller is connected to the internet and logged into the PS network account. To manage the settings, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings, then click the remote play connection settings.
  • Then click on enabling the remote play.
  • Return to Settings, then click Account Management.
  • Then select Activate as a Primary PS4.
  • After that, go back to the main screen where settings appear.
  • Click on Power save settings.
  • Choose the Set features available in rest mode.
  • Enables Internet connectivity.

Finally, you must turn on the Ps4 from the network options to start the Remote Play.

Select enable Remote Play

4. Connecting DualSense Controller:

Through Bluetooth or USB cable (type c), develop a DualSense controller connection to your device.

Remote Play Connection for PS5 and PS4

5. Launching Process:

After connecting, open PS Remote Play App to get it so that it starts running.

Remote play interface

6. Configuration:

You can configure the different settings to choose your preferred graphical setting. For this, click Settings on the main screen and can choose from high, standard, and low resolutions.

Select video quality setting for Remote Play

7. Singing In:

The final step is to Sign in to the PS network account and ensure that you sign in to the same account you use for the Remote Play App. So, after connecting, it takes some time for your PS4 to appear on the screen.

Sign in to PSN account on Remote Play.

Is it Possible to Use Ps5 Controller Wireless?

Yes, you can wirelessly use the Ps5 controller because the latest PlayStation controllers are wireless. People use the RemotePlay facility to connect a Ps5 controller to a Ps4, but the main con is connecting through a USB cable (type C).

But if you want wireless connectivity support, you need the 8 Bitdo device. This adapter makes your connection secure and accessible through Bluetooth-enabled connectivity support. Moreover, there’s no headache of having the USB type C cable availability as you can easily connect with the other consoles wirelessly. This way, gamers can connect a Ps5 to a PlayStation4 controller and play different games.


You can connect a ps5 controller to a ps4 but with some settings and adjustments. The settings you need for this purpose are thoroughly discussed and mentioned in the above article. We have guided you in detail on how to connect a ps5 controller to a ps4 with explained procedure and steps. So, before connecting ps5 to ps4 or using ps5 controller to a ps4, don’t skip this article’s tips and guidelines.


Yes, you can quickly transfer data from PlayStation 4 to PlayStaton5 through Wifi, USB flash drive, wired internet support, or Cloud storage.

IOS 13 and the upcoming models can easily support the PS4 games via DualShock 4 controller through Bluetooth connectivity support.

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