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Top 5 Best RAMs For Ryzen 7 7700X – Expert Reviews

For an AMD rig, invest in the best feature RAM suitable for the Ryzen 7 7700x processor. If you are ready to build the AMD rig, this article will guide you on the best RAM for Ryzen 7 7700x processor. One thing to note is that AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors only need DDR5 RAM. Due to this, we enlisted only DDR5 RAM with features so you can choose the best quality RAM when building the rig. All of these RAMs were adequately tested before recommending to you. So, if you want cost-effective RAM with the performance level feature, then why are you waiting? Keep reading to explore and make the best purchase!

Intel-optimized RAM suits the better compatibility for the AMD Ryzen platform. Intel RAM and AMD Ryzen are the same without significant differences. For any of the RAM you purchased, you can easily know whether this RAM is suitable for AMD Ryzen or Intel platforms. You will get better configuration settings by enabling the XMP & BIOS profile. By enabling the settings, you can easily enhance the RAM speed.

What to Consider When Buying the RAM for Ryzen 7 7700x?

When purchasing the RAM for Ryzen 7 7700x or any other processor, you need help choosing one option. The real problem arises when you need to learn how to select the best RAM compatible with the processor and make your PC building experience better. In this way, we help you to choose the best RAM for the processor. It would help if you considered some of the factors earlier, and these factors not only help in selecting the Ryzen 7 7700x processor, you can choose any of the processors. The following are:


Considering this factor initially, you can easily pick the quality level RAM. When you want to buy anything, check your affordability and budget. Due to this reason, we selected all such RAMs that provide a better value for the money. A gaming PC with the Ryzen 7 7700x processor is not cheap because of quality-level components. There’s no issue with investing in a little expensive RAM because such RAM provides you with a better cooling facility and overclocking potential. So, don’t hesitate to invest in expensive RAM.


Many people ignore the RAM’s timing latency just for the sake of the transfer rate feature. Lower the latency timing for RAM overclocking potential and top-tier performance; your RAM will perform better. When buying the RAM, try to go for the RAM with lower timing latency because it helps your RAM to do overclocking better, and ultimately your processor performance will be good. So, if you want good performance RAM, do not stick to the transfer rate but also see the timing latency.


It means how well your RAM is compatible with your PC’s processor components. Your PC and CPU performance could improve if the selected RAM suits the processor components. While selecting all of these RAMs, we put the ultimate focus on the RAM’s compatibility, and we selected all those RAMs which are best compatible with the Ryzen 7 7700x processor components. If your PC has a built-in installed cooler for the Ryzen 7 7700x processor and is packed in a small form factor, then you must choose the low-profile RAM that best meets the compatibility standards.

Power Efficiency:

When buying DDR5 RAM, you can get better power efficiency because of having adequate power consumption. DDR5 RAM consumes 1.1V power which is low compared to DDR4, and it’s good. For overclocking potential, you need to use the RAM with better head space to generate more power. So, power efficiency is too important when you want to overclock your RAM.

Thermal Efficiency:

Lastly, just like power efficiency, thermal efficiency is also essential. For better RAM performance, you need to consider RAM that provides better thermal efficiency. You want to avoid going for a memory that works well for a few minutes and then it creates thermal throttling issues. If it happens, then the RAM performance will be badly affected. So, try to use RAM with aluminum or a simple heat spreader to deal with heating issues so your RAM will not face throttling problems.

Best RAMs for Ryzen 7 7700x:

Different RAMs are available for the AMD Ryzen 7 7700x processor, but we came up with the five best RAMs for Ryzen 7 7700x. These RAMs are best suitable while building the PC with Ryzen 7 7700x processor. This RAM’s affordability, compatibility, and testing are properly done. The following are some of the best RAMs:

  • Best RAM for Ryzen 7 7700x: Skill Trident Z5 NEO RGB (AMD Expo)
  • Another Choice: Skill Trident Z5 RGB (Intel XMP)
  • Skill Flare X5 Series
  • Patriot Signature Line

1. G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO RGB (AMD Expo)

G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO RGB (AMD Expo)
  • Attractive RGB aesthetics
  • Better CAS latency
  • Efficient memory speed
  • ​We didn’t find any con

If you want to spend money on RAM by balancing quality and the budget, then this RAM is for you. This RAM provides stabilized performance and enhances your processor performance. Now we will talk about this RAM’s performance; this RAM comes with a memory speed of 6000 Mhz, which is best for better overclocking potential, and it can easily reach up to 6000 without any manual overclocking. For this, you need to update the AMD expo settings from the BIOS, and after that, you will experience a better performance RAM. This RAM includes two memory kits of 32 GB with a total memory capacity of 64 GB, which is enough for overall better storage management.

One main super feature of this RAM is that it comes with a CAS latency timing of 30-38-38-96, and it’s the lower latency timing. So, this RAM will perform up to the mark with a higher transfer rate and lower CAS latency. This RAM supports the best performance results and provides stable and reliable performance to increase the overall processor performance.

This RAM consumes only 1.35V power efficiency after enabling the AMD EXPO profile. Otherwise, the DDR5 RAM can easily run at 1.1V power efficiency. After enabling the AMD EXPO profile, your RAM performance increases, and the RAM consumes more voltage. So, this RAM is the best in compatibility, pricing, power efficiency, and voltage consumption.

2. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series (Intel XMP)

G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series (Intel XMP)
  • Higher memory timing
  • Provides efficient latency at CAS40
  • RGB lightbar
  • ​Not a cost-effective option

Undoubtedly, this RAM is expensive, but in return, it provides quality-level features like suitability, higher memory transfer rate, and CAS latency. The reason for adding another Trident Z5 RGB series RAM to the list is that this RAM provides quality performance; in fact, it could be better in terms of reliability. By enabling the AMD EXPO profile, you can get a memory speed of up to 6600 MHz, the highest memory speed. With such memory speed, you can expect a better performance from the RAM.

To assess the RAM performance, we consider the timing latency, too, because the transfer rate is insufficient to deliver an efficient performance. The timing latency of this RAM is 34-40-40-105, and it’s a good CAS latency with a 6600 MHz transfer rate. So, there’s no issue if you want to render or play AAA games; this RAM can fulfill your memory tasks.

When the RAM runs at 6600 MHz frequency through the XMP profile, it ultimately consumes a lot of power. In this way, the voltage capacity of this RAM reaches 1.40 from 1.10V, and your RAM power capacity increases by up to 28%. Such power capacity helps upgrade the overall performance to 38%, so there’s no need to worry about performance upgradation.

This RAM is available in two colours: metallic silver and matte black. Moreover, RAM also has an aluminum heat spreader for better cooling efficiency. To avoid thermal throttling issues, this RAM has a heat spreader that prevents RAM chips from throttling. It has an RGB lightbar above to make it more aesthetically good.


  • Voltage regulation (onboard)
  • Good response time
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • ​No significant con

If you want to build a white-themed rig or your PC case and processor components are in white, this RAM is for you. This RAM is in white, best suited for the white CPU, cooler, and other white casing. This RAM is attractive in look, and it’s not the only reason to choose this because the other reason is it provides quality level features too. Once you enable the AMD EXPO profile, you will get a 6000 MHz memory transfer rate.

Such a memory transfer rate is enough to provide a better performance, so there’s no need to worry about this RAM performance, too. Furthermore, this RAM comes with a latency timing 36-36-36-76 as it has CAS36 latency timing; it’s not too good for better overclocking, but also it’s alright. This latency timing is only average, and it’s uncertain if you will face any performance difficulty while using this RAM.

Now, let’s talk about this RAM input voltage capacity; this RAM needs 1.35V input voltage to run at 6000 MHz memory speed, so it’s okay because you get 25% more performance with a better power consumption percentage. If you want a better performance, you can enhance this input voltage to 1.40V but only through manual overclocking.

The essential purpose of recommending this is because it’s aesthetically attractive in white color. Dual tone design makes it unique from the other RAMs. There is the movement of a translucent RGB lightbar on the RAM that can move from one direction to another. You can easily change the light settings through the iCUE software.

4. G.Skill Flare X5 Series

G.Skill Flare X5 Series
  • Better value for the money
  • Stable price & performance
  • Low-profile height
  • ​Without RGB

It’s the third G skill flare RAM in our recommendation, and the reason to add this RAM is that it’s budget-friendly and provides better value for the money. It doesn’t mean that this RAM is low quality in features because of budget-friendly options; in fact, it also has quality features. For a better memory speed of 6000 MHz, you enable the AMD EXPO profile without any manual overclocking, and you will see the RAM performance results. In this price range, you will get the latency timing of CAS 36 clocks, and few people argue that it’s not better for the 6000 MHz memory speed, but it’s also not bad; it’s an average.

On the other hand, this RAM power consumption is also an average of at 1.35, which is neither good nor bad. But what do you want in this price range by having all the essential features? This RAM has no RGB lightbar, but it’s not a big deal in this price range because the price is cheap. This RAM without RGB lighting has good aesthetics as it has a matte black body, racing stripes, and grills.

The grills on the RAM help the memory chips pass the air and cool down, but on the other hand, there are chances that the dust maybe builds on the chips. If you want low-profile height RAM, then this RAM is for you because it is 33mm in height that can be easily installed on any compact case CPU.

5. Patriot Signature Line

Patriot Signature Line
  • 32mm low-profile height
  • Not too costly
  • Temperature sensors
  • ​Without an AMD EXPO profile

The last most affordable option for you is the Patriot signature line RAM. This RAM is also light on your budget and provides quality features. This RAM does not have an AMD EXPO profile for maximizing the frequency speed because it has a manual 4800MHz frequency potential. With this manual frequency speed, you can still get better performance results.

The timing latency of this RAM is 40-40-40-77, which means it has a CAS latency of 40 clocks, which is too high compared to the other RAMs. But if you get the RAM at a cost-effective option, then there’s no issue with higher CAS latency. As this RAM doesn’t feature AMD EXPO so in this way, this RAM comes with the standard input voltage of 1.1V.

You get good efficiency with such voltage capacity. With such a 1.1 input voltage, manual overclocking has higher chances. Undoubtedly, this input voltage has an excellent overclocking potential, but one thing to note is that this RAM does not have a heat spreader. Without any stability issues, you can boost this RAM voltage up to 1.25V with a memory speed of up to 5600 MHz frequency.

This RAM also doesn’t have any RGB lighting, and because of this, it looks like old-fashioned RAM. This RAM stands out from the others because of the demanding RGB lighting RAMs, as it has a black PCB with memory chips. This RAM is just 32mm in height and is a low-profile RAM.

Final Words!

We showed you the five best RAMs for the Ryzen 7 7700x processor, and all of these RAMs are compatible and offer better value for the money. RAM will only benefit the processor and the PC if it’s best compatible with the processor. Our team tested all these RAMs to help you choose the right one for your processor. So, there’s no need to worry about RAM compatibility, quality, and pricing. Now, you need to make a purchase and make your experience better by building a new PC rig.

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