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Best RAMs For i7-13700K in 2023 – Expert Review

Core i7-13700K is undoubtedly a high-end CPU processor in the gaming benchmark. For this, we must use the right components to increase CPU performance. In this article, we will guide you on the best Ram for i7-13700K so that you can buy and add value to your existing CPU. Furthermore, for purchasing the i7-13700K processor RAM, you should consider some of the essential things, such as which colour theme rig you want to build so that you will go for such colour RAM and many other things to consider while going for new RAM.

Finally, we will disclose the five different RAMs best for your Core i7-13700k processor. These RAMs have features or specifications you may demand in your next RAM because we have chosen the best picks. Keep reading to know about different RAM features and specifications.

By having all the features in the RAM, you must know how you can easily choose the best Ram for i7-13700K because it’s challenging to purchase any RAM without knowledge about RAM specifications and features. That’s why we are here to guide you on factors to consider before buying so that your purchasing decision will be good. The following are some factors:


Before going for the processor’s RAM, the first factor you must consider is the budget; as you know that the core i7-13700K processor is expensive and equipped with quality. For this, the RAM you found may also be costly, but it doesn’t mean that you may go for the RAM that has no value for the money. So, before going for any of the best RAMs, you must consider that your selected RAM offers the best value for the money without compromising quality. Even if your budget is low, ensure you use the RAM with quality features.


The compatibility factor also plays an important role whenever you want such RAM. If your selected RAM is incompatible with your processor, then there’s no benefit of having quality-level features in the RAM. Don’t worry. We will help you with this by mentioning all the compatible rams for i7-13700K below. These will be compatible with your processor performance without compromising performance quality. But in this, your selected RAM will be physically compatible too. It means your RAM can be easily fixed in your processor’s chipset.

Build Quality & Design:

This factor cannot be neglected because no one wants their expensive RAM to break after a few months due to low build quality. If your RAM build quality is good, then there’s no need to worry about RAM longevity. Try to go for such RAM that has a good build quality to ensure the RAM’s longevity. One more thing, if you want that your RAM design will be appealing, then consider the RAM design too.


If your selected RAM does not provide better performance and has all other prominent features, your purchase will not benefit you. So this is also an essential factor to consider. In addition, you should check the RAM’s timing latency and transfer rate in this. We selected all such RAMs that must perform well regarding transfer rate and timing latency. Ensure that the selected RAM must have a transfer rate of 6000 Mhz because the higher the RAM’s transfer rate, the better the performance will be. On the other hand, you should also check the timing latency; the lower the timing latency will be, the higher the performance of your RAM is.

Thermal Efficiency:

Check whether the selected RAM provides better thermal efficiency for better performance. If you have thermal efficiency issues in RAM, you will face heat dissipation issues that are not good for your CPU performance. So before buying, you must check whether the RAM has a heat spreader or not because a heat spreader helps to overcome RAM’s heating issues. So, for better performance, you must check whether your RAM provides better thermal efficiency.

Best RAMs For i7-13700K:

For the core i7-13700K CPU processor, there are different Rams with a variety of features and specifications. After proper quality and features testing, we have picked the five best Ram for i7-13700K with features, specifications, pros, and cons. All of these Rams are compatible with the core i7-13700K processor. The following are:

  • Best RAM for i7-13700K: Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM
  • Another Choice: Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM (5600MHz)
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB RT (PC4-28800)
  • Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series (Intel XMP)
  • Kingston Fury Beast 32GB (6000MHz)

1. Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM

Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM
  • RGB lighting feature
  • Proper voltage regulation
  • ​Little bit costly

If you want to purchase white-themed colour RAM for a white gaming PC, we highly recommend this RAM because it will easily match your white chassis & CPU cooler. In addition, this RAM has a better design colour theme, providing better performance with the help of various useful features. Now let’s talk about this RAM’s solid performance as it has a memory speed of 6000 Mhz without having any overclocking issues, and it’s the best for overall CPU performance.

Moreover, this RAM has a storage capacity of 32 GB memory with the division of 2 separate 16 GB kits. This RAM also performs better with better latency timing because it has 36-36-36-76 and 36 clocks for better latency. Of course, this latency timing could be better, but it’s better for this RAM. The input voltage capacity of this RAM is also on average because it has an input voltage of 1.1V that you can easily increase up to 1.35V. Therefore, you can easily increase the memory speed from 4800 Mhz to 6000 Mhz, which is a good frequency to optimize the overall CPU performance stability.

Furthermore, to deal with thermal throttling & heating issues, this RAM has an aluminum heat spreader that best manages the heat dissipation issues and optimizes the overall CPU performance. Moreover, this RAM has pleasing aesthetics and build quality as it is appealing for you if you want to go for better aesthetics. Finally, this RAM has an RGB lightbar on top of the RAM that can be moved from one place to another. If you want to customize your RAM’s RGB lighting effects, you can easily do this using the ICUE software.

2. Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM (5600MHz)

Corsair Vengeance DDR5 RAM (5600MHz)
  • Best value for the money
  • Good overclocking potential
  • ​Without RGB

Only some people want pleasing aesthetics because they want all the essential components in an i7-13700K processor. If you are one of those, this one is for you because this RAM doesn’t have better aesthetics but offers plenty of valuable and beneficial features without compromising quality. This one provides several outstanding features at this price, but you can’t say that it’s extraordinary, but no issue, it’s the best in this price range. With the help of enabling the XMP 3.0 profile, this RAM comes up with a memory speed of 5600 Mhz, which can be easily upgraded to 6000 Mhz, and your processor speed & performance ultimately increases.

In addition, the memory storage capacity of this RAM is 32 GB, which is enough for better performance. This RAM has a latency timing of 36-36-36-76, it’s not a low latency timing, but it’s not a high also. But this RAM performs well in both latency timing and transfer rates for RAM better performance. It has an input voltage of 1.25V, and it’s the low input voltage in case of 5600 Mhz memory speed. But don’t worry; you can tune it up easily because it may create memory crash problems hereafter.

Because of the RAM’s 1.25 input voltage capacity, it will not create heating issues. If it creates heating issues, it has an aluminum heat spreader to overcome these and automatically enhance performance & stability without any thermal throttling issues. The primary specialty about this RAM is that if you have compact space in your processor because of the built-in cooler, then this one will be good for you because this RAM has only 35mm in height.

3. Corsair Vengeance RGB RT (PC4-28800)

Corsair Vengeance RGB RT (PC4-28800)
  • Beautiful aesthetics RGB
  • Good timing latency
  • ​We didn’t find any con

If you are not upgrading the RAM to DDR5 and want to use the DDR4, then this RAM is for you. This RAM is also best for your i7-13700K processor and provides the best possible performance to have a good stable CPU. It is a DDR4 RAM, but it no doubt offers better performance. This RAM comes up with a memory speed of 3200 Mhz, and you can extend this up to 3600 Mhz. You may think that it’s insufficient for the i7-13700K processor, but no, it’s DDR4 RAM, and due to this, it’s enough.       

In addition, this RAM running capacity at 32 gigs provides better CPU performance. One feature of this RAM we liked is that it has a 16-20-20-38 timing latency that is too lower, and it’s good for the overall performance. Now let’s talk about the input voltage capacity of this RAM. This RAM has 1.1V at 3200 Mhz memory speed, works well, that can enhance the overall performance and consumption by 10 to 12%. To better cool down the RAM chipset, this RAM has an aluminum heat spreader (anodized) that can reduce the overall thermal heating issues.

This RAM has the Vengeance logo at the center, which makes it more aesthetic, and overall, it has a better aesthetic design. For a more appealing appearance, this RAM has RGB panoramic lightbar (translucent) at the top. You can easily customize lighting effects with the ICUE software if you want any customization effects.

4. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series (Intel XMP)

  • Low latency timing
  • 6600 Mhz memory speed
  • ​Not a budget-friendly

This RAM is also considered the best RAM for core i7-13700K in terms of better performance and reliability. In addition, this RAM provides 6600 Mhz memory speed with the other best performance features. Therefore, this RAM is best suited for people who want nothing but good-performance RAM with different high-class features. Furthermore, this RAM has 32 GB RAM capacity, so you cannot run low on memory issues. Finally, let’s talk about this RAM latency timing limit figure. It has a latency timing of 34-40-40-105 with 6600 Mhz, which is relatively better for a stable performance capability.

Furthermore, like the good performance features, this RAM has good power consumption with a 1.40 input voltage capacity. Therefore, if the 6600 Mhz memory speed provides good power frequency, then it’s the best. Furthermore, by enabling the XMP 3.0 profile, you can get higher transfer rates and better power consumption to increase the overall performance capacity. This RAM has an aluminum heat spreader for heating issues and good-quality aesthetics to make the design unique.

It is available in 2 different colours for a better client experience, one is matte black, and the other one is metallic silver. You can easily choose any of the colours of your own choice. The RGB lightbar on the top of the RAM makes it more unique and appealing due to lighting customization effects. With the help of a motherboard’s software, you can easily customize different lighting and other settings.

5. Kingston Fury Beast 32GB (6000MHz)

Kingston Fury Beast 32GB (6000MHz)
  • Plug-and-play feature
  • 32 GB memory
  • ​No RGB feature

Last but not least, our last pick is the Kingston fury beast RAM with 32 GB. Kingston Rams are also best for different types of processors with efficient performance stability and features. In addition, this RAM has good latency timing of 40-40-40-80 with a transfer rate of 6000 MHz. It has a voltage offset of 1.35 voltage with the XMP 3.0 profile. With such performance rate features, this RAM has overall good performance. You can easily overclock this RAM, and it can hit 6400 MHz without creating any stability issues.

This RAM has a metallic heat spreader for thermal expansion and heat dissipation. It helps your RAM to perform better during extensive heat within the processor. With this RAM, your gaming experience will also be good because it provides a better gaming experience in terms of performance and memory.

Moreover, you can easily plug and play at 4800 Mhz easily. So, it also has the best RAM for your processor in terms of performance, stability, and efficiency. So, if you are satisfied enough with these RAM features & other specifications, then it’s also the best option.

Final Words!

After having all the discussions on the best RAM for i7-13700K, it is clear that the RAMs mentioned above are compatible with the core i7-13700K processor. We outlined all the compatible RAMs, so you need clarification when purchasing. Above all, the discussion with full details, features, specifications, pros and cons. Now you know each RAM feature and hope to know which RAM will be best according to your purchasing requirements. Go for such RAM that is compatible with your purchasing requirements.

Have a good purchase!

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