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Best RAM For i7-12700k in 2023 – ( Detailed & Review )

Recently, Intel launched the 12 generation processors and hybrid design Alder Lake processors provide better versatility for gaming and media tasks. Intel Core i7 processors are the best in terms of providing a better gaming experience because it provides optimal level speed while playing different games. Are you in search of the best RAM for i7-12700K? Then there’s no need to worry because we are here to help you find suitable RAM for your processor.

We will list the top 5 best RAMs for the i7-12700K processor with detailed features, pros, and cons. These RAMs are picked and tested after proper research and extensive information. Keep reading to know about different RAMs to make a better purchasing decision.

When you want to purchase a new PC and the PC’s components, then there’s a lot to think about what to consider and how to choose. In short, you must go through extensive research and consider some essential factors. Like others, it’s difficult for our team to select the top picks. Still, we have one benefit: a quality-level group that performs the minor things properly and gathers all the necessary information about the top picks through customer analysis and adequate research.

After picking the top picks, the next step is to test these RAMs separately and check the compatibility. Our team tested all of these RAMs and ensured that all the RAMs must be compatible with the i7-12700K processor. We tried all the features and specifications in the RAMs and found these RAMs the best ones. It takes time to test these thoroughly, but our primary motive is to make our clients happy by choosing the suitable RAM. So, there’s no need to worry about these compatibilities and fear of defects. These are the best regarding pricing and quality.

Factors to Consider When Buying RAM for i7-12700k

When you buy the best RAM For i7-12700k, your processor speed optimizes, increasing overall performance. But one thing is it’s only possible when you prefer compatibility, so you should know some things before buying. It would be best if you considered some of the following factors:


Before purchasing anything, you should have an idea about the budget. Different RAMs are available with varying pricing categories, but you must check whether your specified RAM matches your budget needs. For this, ensure that the low-pricing RAM offers all the compatible features because many consider such RAM available at a low price with inferior features. There’s no issue if you are tight on a budget, as we care about your pricing choices while picking the best picks. You can easily find cost-effective RAM among these.


A few people claim that heatsinks are not mandatory for RAM, but it’s wrong. Heatsinks are essential in resolving heat dissipation issues and avoiding excessive heating issues. However, when the system runs multiple tasks at a time and carries heavy loads, and when you are playing AAA games, there are higher chances that the RAM becomes hot, which could be better for the processor’s overall performance. So, your RAM must have a heatsink to control the overall temperature. Before buying, you must consider this. Otherwise, you will purchase the RAM without a heatsink and face repair issues.

RAM Space:

If you want to increase your processor speed, we recommend using the RAM with enough space. 8GB is for those who want to go for moderate space capacity and is not recommended if you want to multitask. You must choose the 16GB or 32 GB RAM to store different AAA games and other apps.

RAM Generation:

It’s also an essential factor to consider, but you know that your processor supports whether DDR4 or DDR5 generation RAM. Going for the latest generation RAM is great, but if your processor supports DDR4 RAM, there’s no issue with going for the older version.

Latency Timing:

It refers to the RAM timing, which measures 16-18-18-38, and usually calls this the latency timing with CL16. The lower the latency timing, the faster your RAM speed will be. Therefore, you should go for RAM with the lower latency timing as it’s better for your processor performance. Conversely, you may face RAM speeding issues if your RAM’s latency timing is higher.

Best RAM For i7-12700k:

Before buying the best RAM For i7-12700k, it’s essential to know about the top RAMs trending with better pricing and quality-level features. We have mentioned the top 5 picks with detailed features, pros, and cons, so you can quickly understand each RAM. Next, let’s take a look at some of the best RAMs:

  • Best RAM For i7-12700k: XPG Caster RGB DDR5
  • Another Choice: Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5
  • Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series
  • Skill Trident Z Royal Series

1. XPG Caster RGB DDR5

  • Better heatsink
  • Good frequency speed
  • Efficient low power consumption
  • ​We didn’t find any con

This RAM is on our top list and has all the main features you may need for your i7-12700K processor. In addition, XPG assembles and provides quality-level products to its clients. This Ram’s heatsinks are grey with RGB lighting, making it more aesthetically beautiful.

With the performance and memory capacity of 7000 MHz, this version of RAM is relatively better and faster than the DDR4 version. In addition, this RAM can handle heavy workloads because of a potential overclocking capacity. As a result, you can enjoy a good gaming experience with faster data transfer rates.

After purchasing this RAM, you can enjoy better overclocking capabilities because of XMP 3.0 profile. Because of having better aesthetics and other prominent features, this RAM is the best to go. It complies with the JDEC standards, and you can easily use this RAM for any Z690 (DDR5) motherboard without issues.

2. Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5

Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5
  • It comes with a unique design
  • Have various frequencies
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • ​Little bit costly

This RAM generation is also DDR5 and has an aggressive style. It’s best for hardcore gamers and enthusiasts who want to play different heavy games. This RAM model supports the aesthetic look with an LED lightbar with a heat shield. This RAM is available in both RGB & non-RGB casings. So you can easily choose the one you want to select. But we recommend it’s best to go for the RGB case because of the lighting aesthetics. This RAM has a 32 GB storage capacity with a memory speed of up to 6200 MHz.

If you want to know about compatibility, this RAM is tested on Intel’s DDR5 platforms. This RAM has an on-chip ECC function that best supports the overall integrity and performance. For automatic overclocking, it has XMP 3.0 overclocking capability for better performance and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Finally, all models of Patriot support the cooling heat spreader to deal with heating issues and overcome heat dissipation and thermal expansion issues.

3. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series

G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series
  • Better overclocking capability
  • High-performance gaming memory
  • Budget-friendly
  • ​Higher latency timing

This Trident Z5 RGB RAM is best for the Intel Z790 and Z690 series. This RAM contains 2 16 GB modules with a total memory space of 32 GB. If you want to know about this Ram’s memory speed, it has 6000 MHz, it’s enough for your RAM’s memory performance. You can use this RAM for gaming PCs, or if you want to extend your PC performance, then you can use this. For better overclocking speed and performance, this RAM has a 1.35 XMP profile. If you want to optimize the overclocking speed, then it all depends on the used CPU and motherboard compatibility.

No doubt, overclocking capacity totally depends on the XMP profile, but it also depends on the used motherboard and CPU compatibility. It is available in silver and black colours with RGB and without RGB lighting. You can choose between two colours with or without RGB lighting. One of the main disadvantages is that this RAM has a higher CAS latency timing, and it’s not good because the lower the latency timing is, the better your RAM performance will be. The voltage capacity of this RAM is 1.35 volts.

4. G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series

  • Rated XMP frequency
  • Better aesthetic quality
  • Solid heatsink
  • ​It’s DDR4

It’s the DDR4 RAM, but the main reason to include this pick is that these RAM components are hand selected and properly tested before final assembling. G skill earns a good reputation in the market as it is the best DDR4 RAM. This RAM is available in a gold color that promotes better aesthetic quality with beautiful finishing. For better storage needs and capacity, this RAM has 2 8GB kits with a total of 16 GB space.

The memory speed of this RAM is 4000 MHz, which is good enough for better memory storage optimization needs. This RAM XMP 2.0 profile supports better overclocking capability with the default JDEC profile speed. As you know that the XMP frequency stability is totally related to the related CPU and motherboard. One main thing to let you inform that do not try to mix the memory kits because if you do so, then you will face stability issues, and it’s not good for the overall RAM performance.

One main feature we liked is that this RAM has a lower latency timing with the 15-16-16-36 CAS latency. It’s good because it is rated at 1.4 input voltage capacity, as it enhances the overall RAM speed. It’s not aesthetically good; in fact, it has all the extraordinary features that you may need. One thing is that it is DDR4 generation, but it’s not a big issue when you receive all the extraordinary features.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Jet black color
  • 32 GB memory capacity
  • ​No RGB lights

Last but not least, this RAM is also the best, and that’s why we have added this to our top pick. This RAM is the best if you want to go for better build quality and top-notch performance because this RAM delivers optimal memory speed and performance. This RAM does not have RGB lights, and due to this, you will not get an aesthetic design or look but no issue. It has all the prominent features that exist in any quality-level RAM. It is available in jet black color as it increases the aesthetic look. This RAM has a memory capacity of 32 GB with a memory speed of 4800 MHz at the 1.1 input voltage capacity.

You can expect 4800 to 5200 Mbps data transfer rates from this RAM, which is a 1.6 times increase in their performance by decreasing power consumption up to 10%. If you purchase this RAM for your processor, then you can easily get the benefits of faster speeds, frequency speeds, and efficient multitasking. One main thing is that you can get free technical support and a lifetime warranty that is best in case of any defects in the RAM.

One main disadvantage is that RAM does not have a heat spreader, and RAM without a heat spreader creates heat management issues. As you see, that no RGB lights and a heat spreader; there are maybe some heat dissipation issues, but it’s easy to compromise on these issues because all other features of this RAM are extraordinary. If you do not want to go for RGB lights aesthetics and heat spreader, then this RAM is for you because no RAM other than this is good for your processor.

Final Thoughts!

In this, we have guided you on the best RAM for i7-12700k with top 5 picks after analyzing all the facts and completing research and testing about these Ram’s. All of these picks are best for your i7-12700K processor and are easily compatible with your processor needs. Now you get the idea about these Ram’s in detail with features, pros, and cons. Now, you should have to choose by considering all the main aspects that we discussed earlier. Before making a purchase, you must read all the Ram-related information earlier so that you have an idea about your selected RAM.

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