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5 Best Motherboards For i7-13700K – (In-Depth Guide)

The Core i7-13700K is one of the best processors we have ever used. However, for a better rig for i7-13700K, it is a must that you should go on an excellent motherboard system. The motherboard impacts your CPU’s performance and optimizes your processor speed. If your CPU does not have a suitable motherboard, it can negatively impact your CPU performance and not provide better outcomes.

Now, which motherboard suits your i7-13700K CPU or processor? This article will guide you about the best motherboards for i7-13700K. Moreover, we will show you which factors you should consider before going for a motherboard for i7-13700K so that you make a better decision and choose the suitable motherboard. Keep reading!

As you know, a motherboard is a crucial component for any CPU, but before buying it, you should consider some things to make a better purchase. There are a lot of motherboards on the market regarding quality and prices. Before purchasing the best motherboard for i7-13700K, you should account for some of the following things:


When you want to buy any motherboard from our top picks below, you should consider which type of specifications the motherboard has and which features you want must-have in the motherboard. In addition, you must check whether the motherboard has good USB options and at least there are Type and Type-A ports with port connectivity requirements.


Like specifications, the price factor also plays a vital role in purchasing decisions. This factor indirectly impacts your purchasing decision and makes purchasing your work within a budget more manageable. So, we listed those motherboards that best fit i7-13700K processors and provide the best value for money without having any quality issues. So, it would help if you had to consider your budget and purchase according to your budget needs.

Voltage Regulator Module:

Before buying any motherboard, it is essential to check its VRM capacity easier because it is crucial. If the motherboard VRM capacity is not good, then it creates issues. On the other hand, if your motherboard phases a better VRM, it can smoothly regulate the voltage efficiency of the CPU. So, before buying any motherboard, checking the VRM status earlier is essential.

Cooling Performance:

Cooling performance matters a lot when you want to go for the motherboard for i7-13700K because its components create overheating issues if there’s no proper cooling system installed in the motherboard. If your processor has overheating issues, it’s not a good sign for overall CPU performance. Before buying a motherboard, you should check the motherboard’s cooling performance. Motherboards designed with strong PCB layers dissipate heat issues quickly. We recommend going for such a motherboard that must have 6 to 8 PCB layers.

Overclocking Power:

If you want to go for a stable-performance motherboard, we recommend going for such a motherboard with excellent overclocking potential. Overclocking potential is linked with the motherboard VRM status. If your motherboard’s VRM design is good, then your motherboard’s overclocking potential is good. On the other hand, cooling performance matters a lot for a better overclocking potential. Both heat sinks and VRM’s design helps the motherboard to execute the stable version.

5 Best Motherboards For i7-13700K:

Following are the top 5 best motherboards for i7-13700K:

  • Best Motherboard for i7-13700K: GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS Elite AX
  • Another Choice: ASUS ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming WiFi
  • ASUS Prime Z790-P WiFi ATX Motherboard
  • MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk Gaming Motherboard
  • ASUS ROG Strix B660-I Gaming Motherboard


  • Twin digital phase VRM solution
  • Thermal design (cutting edge)
  • Fast networking
  • ​Only one M2 port share

The first motherboard we will introduce is the Gigabyte Aorus Elite AX (2790). This motherboard is the most effective option for i7-13700K, and it is best in terms of quality and price. Because of having free after-sales support and better product durability and quality, Gigabyte is one of the most famous brands in hardware manufacturing. The voltage regulator module is one of the essential features of any motherboard, and this motherboard comes up with Twin digital VRM (16+1+2) phases with a 70A power stage. This VRM design is sufficient to provide a smooth operational flow.

Now let’s talk about the i7-13700K powering feature; so for this, Z790 AORUS Elite AX offers EPS connectors (dual eight pins) to easily use both to make the current flow better and send to CPU with extreme current, and it indirectly enhances the potential overclocking. To overcome heating issues, this motherboard has thermal pads and heat sinks so that motherboard heating issues can be easily minimized. The heatsinks are connected through heat pipes (6mm) to deal with heating issues for better processor performance.

For high thermal endurance, this motherboard is equipped with a six-layer PCB with 2 oz copper that is powerful for dealing with thermal endurance issues. Furthermore, for the most out of this motherboard, this one has six smart fan technology that has five fan headers, and these fan headers and fan technology provides potential overclocking. Now, let’s talk about the memory support that this motherboard has 128 GB RAM of DDR5. One main thing is that you can easily take the RAM up to 7600 Mhz.

2. ASUS ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming WiFi

ASUS ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming WiFi
  • AI function motherboard
  • 32 USB ports
  • 19-phase VRM functionality
  • ​Little bit expensive

In the second number, the Asus ROG Strix motherboard is the most suitable option for i7-13700K. Suppose you want to go for a motherboard with all the extraordinary features, then highly recommended from our side. This motherboard has different USB ports and provides better overclocking potential benefits. Furthermore, this motherboard has a 19-phase VRM design that can easily support up to 90A current. Such capacity is sufficient for transmitting the voltage to the CPU and other parts.

If the CPU is overclocked, this CPU has dual 8-pin power pro excellent connectors. To overcome heat issues and for better thermal endurance, this motherboard has two heatsinks to deal with processor heating issues and enhance the overall performance. Heat sinks also cover this motherboard’s M2 slots to avoid thermal throttling problems. So, there’s no need to worry about this motherboard’s overheating issues because it has enough to deal with overheating problems.

Now let’s talk about this motherboard storage capacity. Asus ROG Strix has 4 DIMM slots with 128 GB of DDR5 RAM. In addition, there are 2 M2 slots for accommodating the storage needs: PCIE Gen 4.0 and PCIE Gen 5.0. After buying this, there is no connectivity issue because it has 12 rear and nine front USB ports. In addition, this motherboard has upgraded controls like noise cancellation, AI control, AI cooling, and AI networking. This motherboard is undoubtedly expensive, but you notice that it has all the eminent features you may demand for your next motherboard. So, if you can afford it, you should go for this!

3. ASUS Prime Z790-P WiFi ATX Motherboard

3. ASUS Prime Z790-P WiFi ATX Motherboard
  • Budget friendly
  • Stylish colour
  • Fast connectivity
  • ​Not a good VRM design

In the third number, the most demanding motherboard for i7-13700K is the ASUS Prime Z790-P WiFi. In case you are in the thought of making the white gaming rig, then we think that it’s the best option to go for. Moreover, this motherboard is the most cost-effective option if you do not spend more. But we are here to tell you about this product’s main features and specifications. This motherboard has a 14-plus 1 VRM design that can easily handle the 50A current.

This VRM design is reasonable for providing the current to the processor, but it is not the up to the mark. This motherboard has a four-plus eight-pin connector to power up the CPU instead of dual pro cool connectors. VRM design is not too powerful that it requires extensive cooling, but the cooling capacity of this motherboard is enough to handle average temperature without any overheating issues. It provides better cooling opportunities through hybrid fans, VRM heatsinks, and separate PCH & M2 heatsinks.

If you want to use an AIO cooler, then an AIO pump header exists in the motherboard. After analyzing its price range and main features, let’s discuss its memory and storage. This motherboard has 4 DIMM slots and 128 GB of DDR4 RAM. For better memory and storage configurations and upgradation, it has a separate enhanced memory profile that best delivers memory reliability and arrangements without having any issues.

4. MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk Gaming Motherboard

4. MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk Gaming Motherboard
  • Enhanced power design
  • Ten different USB ports
  • Lightning rapid game experience
  • ​No PCIE Gen 5.0 port

The motherboard designed for i7 13700-K in the fourth number is the MSI MAG 2790. This motherboard is also budget friendly and fulfills the processor’s motherboard needs. For intel chipsets, the MSI MAG series is always an entry to the mid-range motherboard. Like the motherboard mentioned above, it’s also the cost-effective option according to your budget needs. Moreover, this motherboard has 18 VRM phases with a current of 90A. VRM capacity is quite good in this price range, providing better voltage and current to your processor. This motherboard has a two by 8 EPS pin connector to provide additional power to the processor if required. For better cooling, this motherboard has an efficient cooling system.

For better cooling, this motherboard has an extended heatsink and thermal pads. In addition, it has 6 PCB layers to avoid thermal throttling, heat dissipation, and thermal endurance issues. This motherboard supports DDR4 RAM of 128 GB with 4 DIMM slots. It doesn’t have DDR5, but it’s the best in this price range. For storage needs, this motherboard has 4 M2 slots. The first slot is connected to the processor, and the remaining is connected to the chipset. It’s also better if you want to go for the budget-friendly option. 

5. ASUS ROG Strix B660-I Gaming Motherboard

5. ASUS ROG Strix B660-I Gaming Motherboard
  • 8 layers made PCB
  • High performance networking
  • Better PCIE slot for GPU
  • ​Less USB ports

The last motherboard we introduce you is the ASUS ROG Strix B 660-I gaming board. If you are a gamer and want to pair the Core i7-13700K chipset with the mini ATX motherboard, we highly recommend this one. This motherboard has a 9-phase VRM design with improved stability and performance. We know it’s a low VRM, but it’s the best VRM phase they offer in this price range. This motherboard’s VRM sink, along with the AIO cover, provides better heat dissipation and makes thermal overflow better. In addition, it is equipped with 8 PCB layers to avoid thermal throttling issues.

You need a 24-pin ATX connector for powering the motherboard, and for powering the chipset, you need an 8-pin EPS connector. Now, let’s talk about the memory features of this motherboard. This motherboard supports 64 GB of DDR5 RAM with 2 DIMM slots. If you face the issue of memory overclocking, then you can easily take the RAM up to 6200 Mhz. This RAM is sufficient because of its mini ATX motherboard. There are no expansion slots in this motherboard, so you cannot use expansion cards in this. One PCIE GEN 5.0 by 16 slot in this is enough for maximum transfer rates.

The best thing about this keyboard is that it features a mini ATX board in this price range, and it quickly maximizes DDR 5 to 6200 Mhz. Otherwise, it undoubtedly has minimum features, but in this price range, it’s the best. So if you feel capable of buying this, give it a try!

Wrapping Up!

After all the discussion on the best motherboard for i7-13700k, the best one for you is the one that best meets your purchasing needs. Our team tests and examines all of the above motherboards, and we provide you with a helpful purchasing guide. We hope this one is helpful to you when making a final decision. If your motherboard is good, your CPU performance will be good, so choose them wisely by considering all the above factors.

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