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Best H670 Motherboard in 2023 – Detailed Review

Intel 12 generation processors are popular nowadays because of the launch of the 13 generation Raptor Lake processors, and the 12 generation processor prices ultimately decrease. That’s why the 12-generation processor demand is increasing day by day. H670 chipset is the 12-generation chipset. H series motherboards are the best quality in cost-effective options and have become popular among gamers.

We will highlight the five best H670 motherboards with features, pros, and cons. All of the motherboards we will share with you provide better compatibility and quality level aspects, ultimately improving your processor’s overall performance. Keep reading!

When we started writing this guide on the five best H670 motherboards, we did proper testing and chose the best picks most compatible with the H670 motherboard. There are a lot of H670 motherboards available on the market, but we chose the ones with a good client response with the quality level features. Moreover, we checked on different motherboards to determine whether these provide features relatable to the H670 chipsets.

After choosing suitable motherboards, the next step is to test these motherboards. While trying these, we maintained all the quality standards and ensured all the quality measures were taken. During testing, we checked the main features that must have in any motherboard, like memory overclocking, better memory storage, socket type, and PCIE connectivity support.

Moreover, we analyzed whether or not our chosen motherboards provided better value for the money. So, there’s no need to worry about this because we selected all such picks that offer the better value and features for the price you can pay.

How to Choose the Best H670 Motherboard?

The above para shared our experience choosing the best motherboard for H670 series chipsets. In the same way, you have to consider some essential factors earlier to make a better purchasing decision. It’s only possible to purchase the motherboard by considering the buying guide. It’s quite challenging to choose one motherboard amongst the top 5, so that’s why we are here to guide you. Before selecting the best one, you consider some of the following things to get the desired motherboard:


Compatibility is the first thing you must consider while buying the H670 motherboard. Now, choosing the 10th-generation motherboard for the 12th-generation processor is impossible. If your motherboard is incompatible with the processor or chipset, then there is no benefit to investing time & money in the purchase. Now, your question is how to know about processor compatibility; you must check the motherboard’s specifications earlier to understand compatibility.


Before going for the motherboard, ensure your chosen motherboard and chipset are compatible with the socket. Generally, for H670 chipset motherboards, there is LGA 1700 socket for Alder Lake processors socket that best matches the compatibility with the H670 chipsets. Now, you will not have difficulty choosing the socket compatibility for the H670 motherboard.

Upgradability & Storage:

If you want your chosen motherboard to upgrade in the future and have different storage ports, you must consider this factor. Upgradability benefits you in the long run without obsoleting your motherboard. We recommend you use the motherboard with better upgradability, USB type A/ C ports, and other storage options like I/O ports. One thing about such motherboards is that they come with expensive prices but benefit you in the long run.


The voltage regulator module regulates the overall voltage flow in a motherboard. VRM provides sufficient voltage power to different electrical components and stable voltage support so that you will not face any issues with the motherboard’s internal parts because of imbalanced voltage support. So, the better the VRM capacity is, the more your motherboard provides a better overclocking potential, and your processor speed ultimately enhances.

Aesthetics and Build Appearance:

After assessing all the other motherboard’s features and specifications, the final things you need to consider are the motherboard aesthetics & build appearance. If you are an RGB lover, then you must check the RGB colour must check the PCB and heatsinks colour combination with the RGB option. It all depends on which theme and colour combination you want to adopt for your processor. The better visual quality and colour combinations make your processor look more attractive.

Best H670 Motherboards:

Now, we will show you the five best H670 motherboards with specifications and features in detail, along with the pros and cons. These motherboards are best compatible with the H670 chipsets and provide a better user experience. The following are:

  • Best H670 Motherboard: ASUS Prime H670-PLUS D4
  • Another Choice: ASRock Motherboard H670 Steel Legend
  • ASUS TUF Gaming H670-PRO
  • ASRock Motherboard H670 PG Riptide
  • ASROCK H670M PRO RS Socket

1. ASUS Prime H670-PLUS D4

ASUS Prime H670-PLUS D4
  • Better cooling capacity
  • DDR4 RAM with a good memory speed
  • Better memory stability
  • ​No Wifi/ Bluetooth support

ASUS is the name of quality by providing quality-level motherboards and other PC components. The first pick that we selected for the H670 motherboard from the ASUS Prime H670-PLUS D4 motherboard. This motherboard is the best compatible with the silver and black colour combination, making it more aesthetically pleasing. This motherboard has a DIGI VRM design, and this design is equipped with eight power stages. DIGI design is the latest VRM design that helps provide the current to the CPU and other internal power consumption components. 8-pin pro cool connectors help dissipate the heat near the VRM; through this, your motherboard provides better performance.

This motherboard has a VRM heatsink for better heat dissipation so that your motherboard does not face thermal throttling and heating issues. Now, if we talk about memory storage, this motherboard comes with DDR4 RAM with a memory clocking speed of 5066 Mhz; that is enough overclocking potential for the DDR4. This motherboard also has an XMP profile to speed up the RAM and memory for better overclocking potential.

This motherboard has different storage slots and ports for better connectivity. Moreover, it also has better USB and I/O connectivity with other USB Gen 1 and 2 ports and USB 2.0 ports. This motherboard has no Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity support as it has only 2.5 GBE LAN support. So, it only lacks Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity. Otherwise, it’s the best choice for the H670 motherboard.

2. ASRock Motherboard H670 Steel Legend

  • Maximum 128 GB storage
  • Good memory overclocking potential
  • PCIE 5.0 connectivity support
  • ​Without Bluetooth/ Wifi connectivity

The ASRock steel legend is the best motherboard for the H670 chipset in the second number. This motherboard comes in three different colour combinations, white, grey, and black, and has a beautiful look. It’s the ATX motherboard with numerous quality-level features. Now let’s talk about this motherboard’s features as it has a 9 phase VRM design for better power stability and efficiency. This motherboard DrMos VRM has better power stability and efficiency to stabilize the voltage capacity at different currents.

This motherboard has 6 layer PCB to overcome PCB heating issues for better heat dissipation and thermal expansion, and it’s better for the overclocking potential. This motherboard has 4 DIMM slots with a maximum storage capacity of 128 with a memory clock speed of up to 5000 Mhz.

With this memory clocking speed, you can get better overclocking potential without issues. One main con is that this motherboard does not have Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, but it has Gragon 2.5 GbE LAN ethernet that has 2.5 times faster speed than normal ethernet.

3. ASUS TUF Gaming H670-PRO

ASUS TUF Gaming H670-PRO
  • 4 M2 slots
  • Better cooling performance
  • PCIE 5.0 into 16 port
  • ​Without PCIE 4.0 port

If you are a black-theme lover and want a black-themed ATX motherboard, this one is the best option. This motherboard has black colour with an attractive look. Now let’s talk about this motherboard’s features in detail. Like the previously mentioned motherboard, this motherboard also has DIGI and VRM phase for better overclocking, and the VRM capacity is 14 plus 1 DrMos power stage. This motherboard has a 50A power storage capacity that is better for the overclocking potential.

For better power support, this motherboard has chokes and capacitors (premium level) to provide power to the processor without any interruption. This motherboard has an effective cooling capacity as it has VRM and PCH heatsinks to avoid thermal throttling and heat dissipation issues. For better SSD performance without creating heating issues, this motherboard’s M2 slots also have heatsinks for efficient memory performance and durability. This motherboard’s maximum storage capacity is 128 GB, with the availability of 4 DIMM slots.

Moreover, the memory clocking speed of this motherboard reaches up to more than 5000 Mhz, which is effective for memory overclocking. XMP profile benefits you by extending memory clocking speed. With this motherboard’s 2.5 GB ethernet, you can efficiently perform better networking for the wired connections. This motherboard has the Intel Wifi 6E with Bluetooth v5.2 connectivity if you want a wireless option.

4. ASRock Motherboard H670 PG Riptide

  • Budget-friendly option
  • PCIE 5.0 connectivity
  • Slots supported by AMD Crossfire
  • ​Not an intense power phase

If you want to go for a budget-friendly option without having the issue of a costly motherboard, then this motherboard is the best option for you. This motherboard has all the quality-level features in a cost-effective option. This motherboard comes with the VRM capacity of 8 plus 1 phase VRM for better power stability and support. This motherboard comes with the 6-layer PCB setup for better heat dissipation and 24 pin ATX power connector for better and sturdy performance.

Among the 24-pin power connectors, this motherboard’s fan and water pump have 4-pin connectors to overcome extreme heating issues for better performance. This motherboard’s storage capacity is a maximum of 128 GB with the 4 DIMM slots, and there are other USB and PCIE slots to deal with storage management issues. The memory clocking speed of this motherboard is 5000 MHz, which is enough for better memory overclocking.

Furthermore, this motherboard does not have any Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity support. If you want to use Wifi and Bluetooth, you must buy separate network cards. So, this motherboard has a LAN connection with Intel GB LAN support for the LAN connectivity. This motherboard aesthetically has an attractive look with black colour, RGB headers, RGB ports, and one RGB header(polychrome) for a better user experience. With the polychrome RGB header, you can easily change the lighting effects according to choice.


  • Better VRM capacity
  • Different ports connectivity
  • Trending motherboard
  • ​Without VRM heatsinks

Lastly, the last pick we will introduce you is the ASROCK H670M Pros RS. If you want a mini ATX option, this motherboard is the best for you. This motherboard supports the 9-phase VRM plus DIGI DrMOS power phase VRM at 50A for better power support and reliability to enhance the overall processor power consumption. Because of the Mini ATX form factor, paying attention to the cooling capacity is necessary.

So don’t worry about the cooling capacity, as it has 8 layer PCB design with heatsinks on the M2 slots with chokes and capacitors for better heat dissipation and avoids the overall thermal throttling issues. This motherboard comes with a maximum storage capacity of 64 GB with 2 DIMM slots, and the memory clocking speed of this motherboard is up to 5000 MHz.

With the mini ATX form factor, this motherboard has the best storage capacity and overall memory clocking speed as DDR4 support. It means that the memory storage performance and speed are the best in the smallest form factor because many other ATX motherboards don’t have much memory storage and speed features. This motherboard supports LAN networking with 2.5 GB LAN support for better ethernet networking support.

For Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, you may purchase the separate Intel Wifi 6 and Bluetooth connectivity for a better wireless experience. Intel Wifi 6 provides the fastest networking speed to promote a better user experience. There are different USB and PCIE connectivity options for better storage options. One main disadvantage of this motherboard is its lack of VRM heatsinks.


Now, you know about the five best H670 motherboards with detailed descriptions and pros and cons. We helped you to choose the best motherboard for the H670 chipset by mentioning the top 5 picks. Moreover, we have guided you about how you can quickly go for any of these by sharing the buying guide. All in all, choose the one you think is best compatible and meets your purchasing needs. You want to go for such a motherboard that you wish after having an idea about all the motherboard’s features.

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